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Commercial sponsors sought

We are a community interest company who specialise in community based- high quality archaeological research and are about to undertake an exciting new £240, 000 project in the Valley of Stones, Little Bredy (South Dorset). The majority of the funding has been provided by the National Lottery Heritage Fund. To complement this, and to ensure high quality archaeological research, we are looking for commercial sponsors. Are you interested in supporting this local project?


We have various packages available


If you are able to donate £2000 you would be our major commercial sponsor, alongside the National Heritage Lottery Fund and Farming in Protected Landscapes. 

If this is not possible we would also be very grateful for sponsorship of individual events or donations in kind that we can use to raise funds or reduce costs elsewhere.

Reasons to become a commercial sponsor

  • We can develop a specific and relevant fundraising events that highlighting your profile alongside ours e.g a lecture by a renowned archaeologist

  • include mention of you in 3 articles per year in the 3 parish/local magazines that cover all the villages in the local area (V&V, Bride Valley News and Chesil Magazine)

  • Include your logo in our quarterly newsletter and monthly emails (mailing list currently just under 200 but expected increase significantly

  • Create a dedicated sponsors section on our website

  • Develop social media posts that link with yours

  • Add your logo to high quality, educational, YouTube videos (10)

  • Add your logo to permanent interpretation boards that will be the culmination of the research project

We have demonstrated that engagement in archaeological research increases well-being, and we get extremely high feedback from participants. Our ethos as a company is to ensure public engagement with every step of our archaeological research.  By sponsoring this project you will make this happen, and in turn this will improve wellbeing, increase archaeological knowledge of the valley of stones and ensure that this is shared as widely as possible, with as many people as possible.


Additional Commercial Sponsorship packages. These will not be available if a major sponsor comes forward

  • Sponsor a sarsen (£25 per stone)

  • Space on our website and a named sarsen stone £50

  • Sponsorship of open day £300

  • Sponsorship of lecture with renowned archaeologist £250

  • Sponsorship of YouTube channel (10 videos planned) £150

  • Sponsorship of permanent interpretation panels (£500)


Please get in touch to discuss how we can work together

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